Video Sales & Marketing

We effectively use video in both our marketing and our sales process.

  • We have a full-time videographer on staff that dedicates 100% of their time creating videos for marketing and sales.
  • Our sales reps are using video during the sales process, including video meetings, video assignments, 1:1 videos in emails, and bio videos in email signatures.
  • We have videos on all of our most important website pages, specifically product/service pages and landing pages.
  • We’re publishing at least 10 videos per month to be used for marketing and sales.

Learn the fundamentals of video for sales and marketing.

You need to understand the elements that make successful video marketing possible for you. What would it mean to you if you could begin and end each video project with reasonable expectations and a way to measure success? The outcome will be to identify the items you need in place to execute a successful video marketing plan and be able to show tangible evidence of performance.

Hire a videographer

Hiring a videographer is a big decision, it's also one of the most important investments you will make in your TAYA inbound marketing strategy. The outcome will be understanding the personal traits a videographer candidate should have, how to identify creative “street cred," what to ask in an interview and a special task, and why it's worth the cost.

Provide your videographer ongoing coaching and training

A videographer in a TAYA organization must also be trained as a digital marketer to be truly effective. The outcome will be a guided customized curriculum (with weekly homework assignments) that covers production to YouTube strategy video hosting.

Create and publish Selling 7 videos

There are only 7 key videos that will take your sales and marketing efforts to the next level, based on the principles of They Ask, You Answer:
  1. 80% Videos
  2. Employee Bio Videos
  3. Product/Service Page Videos
  4. Landing Page Videos
  5. Cost Videos
  6. Social Proof/Testimonial Videos
  7. The “Claims We Make” Video
The outcome will be that you understand what makes these videos critical to your website and sales enablement.