Team Training

Every single person on our sales team, leadership team, and marketing team has been trained on the marketing and sales principles that work with today’s modern buyer.

  • We’ve had a company-wide sales and marketing training in the last 12 months.
  • The sales team fully understands and accepts their role in our digital sales and marketing initiative (they understand how it’s a sales-first initiative).
  • Our sales and marketing teams are provided ample training and professional development opportunities.
  • Everyone knows the results we’re seeing from our digital sales and marketing efforts and how it’s impacting sales.

Introduce They Ask, You Answer to your entire company.

It will be impossible to gain traction with TAYA unless everyone understands the "why" behind it. Most importantly, your company needs to know this is not a fad and will not go back to "business as usual". The outcome will be that the entire company has a concrete understanding of where you are going together and how TAYA will change the way you are currently doing business.

Train all members of the sales and marketing team to establish alignment through a Digital Sales and Marketing Company Workshop.

"Lack of buy-in and ownership" is the key resistance we observe that causes organizations to fail in their digital sales and marketing efforts. They don’t understand the what, the how, and the why of our efforts. The best way to ensure that sales, marketing, and leadership teams “catch the vision” is getting everyone together for a workshop. The outcome will be that everyone in your company will leave the workshop with a deep understanding, having equal opportunity to ask tough questions and learn together.

Create the "Revenue Team"

The last step in total Sales and Marketing alignment is creating a dedicated focus on revenue. Going forward, all marketing and sales initiatives will be focued entirely on their ability to generate revenue. The outcome will be breaking the silo between marketing and sales activities will ensure success with TAYA and foster the level of open communication and team work needed to truly meet your prospects where they are, educate them, and convert into new sales.