Marketing Performance

We're seeing significant month over month growth in organic traffic, subscribers, and inbound leads.

  • Our website generates over 10,000 organic website visitors a month.
  • Our website traffic, subscribers, and inbound leads have all at least doubled in the last 12 months.
  • We're regularly using SEO tools, like SEMRush and Google Search Console to make smart SEO  decisions.
  • Our email subscriber list grows month over month, and we have above-average email marketing engagement metrics.

Set up your fundamental SEO tools

You can create and publish the very best content but you still need to set up your SEO tools for discovery. The outcome will be to set up tools for tracking your keyword ranking and identify tools to optimize search.

Perform a technical SEO audit on your website

How your website ranks and performs in search is dependent on a number of factors, and the rules are always changing. Unlock the action plan to skyrocket your website’s performance with our Technical SEO Audit, in partnership with Narrative SEO. The outcome will be a comprehensive audit presentation and slide deck of items to address, repair, and optimize.