Data and Technology Adoption

We have a data-driven understanding of our buyers.

  • We are using a CRM that’s integrated with our marketing tools and analytics.
  • Sales reps have access to detailed analytics/contact records showing the entire history of a prospect’s interaction with our website and online marketing content.
  • Sales reps see how prospects interacted with our website, articles, videos, and marketing emails.
  • The leadership team agrees that our sales team is using the CRM correctly.

Implement a marketing automation tool and a CRM (we recommend HubSpot for both).

If we can’t measure how our content is doing — in terms of revenue — it’s going to be hard to keep the initiative going. By implementing marketing software like HubSpot, we can measure our performance. The outcome will be a concrete understanding of how HubSpot's CRM can provide support for your marketing and sales efforts.

Provide your marketing team with ongoing HubSpot support and training.

Over the course of time, our dedicated HubSpot trainer will take you through a tailored HubSpot program, based on the needs and goals of your organization, as well as your current status with HubSpot. The outcome will be a deep understanding of HubSpot CRM technology for marketing, sales, and automation workflows.