Content Management

We have a person on staff whose ONLY responsibility is to manage our content marketing efforts (content manager).

  • They do not wear multiple hats or are forced to deprioritize content creation efforts due to competing priorities or distractions.
  • They make sure we’re publishing at least three pieces of content per week.
  • They are empowered to create a culture of content in the organization.
  • They are provided ample professional development opportunities to stay ahead of digital marketing trends.

Hire a content manager

TAYA makes the case for having a full-time member of your staff 100% dedicated to publishing two or three pieces of content on your company blog each week. The outcome will be that you will understand why you need a content manager and how to get the best fit for your company.

Provide your content manager with ongoing content support and training.

Even the most seasoned content manager should be constantly learning new methods and refreshed on existing knowledge. We will guide you through a customized curriculum (with weekly homework assignments) to ensure a focus on the right things first and execute They Ask, You Answer concepts flawlessly. The outcome will be setting a complete benchmark of education for your content manager needed to get them up to speed quickly in order for them to start making content immediately.