Content Creation

We’re consistently publishing the types of content that drives revenue and we're seeing a significant impact on sales.

  • We openly address the common, yet uncomfortable questions our potential customers ask when making buying decisions in comprehensive articles/guides. We specifically address questions around cost, problems, reviews, and competitors.
  • Our marketing team regularly collects the questions our customers ask during the sales process and creates a content editorial calendar based on those questions. 
  • We’re publishing at least three pieces of sales enablement content per week.
  • We’ve published at least 100 pieces of content in the last 12 months.

Complete a content brainstorm to build an editorial calendar.

Now that your company understands TAYA and the "why", you will need to collect highly effective topics to build out an editorial calendar with content that the sales team can use immediately. This is not the sole responsibility of the content manager. Instead, it is a unified effort directed by the sales team - since they are the closest to hearing and answering prospect questions. The outcome will be that you understand how to run a content brainstorm and begin the process of cultivating a relevant editorial calendar with sales enablement tools.

Create a documented process/playbook for writing, publishing, and instructing new hires.

If it's not documented it doesn't matter. The key to maintaining momentum and buy-in gained after the workshop is to create a documented process for writing and publishing content. The outcome will be a formalized step-by-step process created by the content manager and shared with the sales team and any other member of the company who is going to contribute to content creation and also serve for faster onboarding of new hires, getting those team members up to speed quicker, with less downtime and able to create content immediately.

Write and publish the first BIG 5 Articles

Content that doesn’t help the sales team close deals is not important. Going forward from now is the need to create sales enabled content. You must obsess over content that answers buyers’ questions when they are about to make a buying decision. The outcome will be the knowledge and tools to write and publish 5 articles covering:
  1. Cost and pricing
  2. Problems (theirs and yours)
  3. Comparisons and versus
  4. Best of lists (best in class, best practices)
  5. Reviews