Company Alignment & Buy-in

Our company’s vision is to become the most trusted voice in our industry.

  • Leadership has made it a priority for our company to do what it takes to become the most trusted voice in our industry.
  • We have brilliant subject matter experts on our team that are willing and able to share their wisdom.
  • We’re “all-in” on becoming the leading educational resource for our customers - the Wikipedia of our space. We understand that if we don’t, one of our competitors will.
  • The way people buy has changed, therefore, the way we market and sell is constantly changing.

Achieve a comprehensive understanding of They Ask You Answer methodology

They Ask, You Answer is a business philosophy which, when studied, understood and most importantly embraced fully, will turn your company into the most trusted voice within your industry. The outcome will be that you are able to determine if you are a good fit and prepared to move forward on the journey.

Establish commitment from leadership team that the TAYA methodology will be adopted company wide

To successfully execute They Ask, You Answer and transform your organization, you must be willing to make tough decisions, invest capital, and stay focused on delivering the answers your buyers need in order to buy from you. The outcome will be that your leadership team formally commits via unanimous agreeance that adopting the TAYA methodology will be the digital sales and marketing strategy going forward.

Identify and establish a strategic focus for your digital sales and marketing

Your digital sales and marketing efforts are much more than simple daily routines. To ensure that your efforts are truly sales and growth initiatives, you must examine each initiative currently in practice from a strategic level in order to allow for the largest impact. The outcome will be that you are able to identify areas in your current plan to stop, start, and keep doing.