Assignment Selling

The majority of our sales team effectively assigns learning materials as part of the sales process. Because of this, we have improved our sales metrics.

  • The sales team uses written and video content to educate buyers prior to meeting with them — always.
  • Every communication from our sales and marketing teams is educational.
  • Our sales cycle has sped up because our buyers are ready to buy when they meet with a salesperson.
  • Our closing rates have increased because our buyers are ready to buy when they meet with a salesperson.

Incorporate role playing into regular sales team training

Role-playing is a lost art and should be resurrected and placed as a recurring activity in your sales process. Role-playing can often feel uncomfortable. The outcome of performing this exercise will prepare your sales team for answering every and all questions concisely the first time while also learning from each other.

Create a documented process/playbook for sales and onboarding new sales hires.

The outcome will be a documented process for sales that creates a benchmark and the ability to discover areas of redundancy, friction, and success. This document will also be used in the future to make improvements and optimize.

Train and achieve commitment from your sales team to effectively use assignment selling.

We know that between 70%-90% of questions salespeople are asked are the same general questions. Knowing this to be true, it's time to leverage educational content, prior to the first sales call, so we can have specific conversations about our buyer’s needs, and not spend time answering questions we’ve answered in our content. The outcome will be a sales team that stops wasting time on activities that do not convert or foster trust and instead learn and understand how assignment selling in conjunction with TAYA content -when used properly and consistently- will shorten the sales cycles and help them to be even more effective.

Create a documented process/playbook for sharing wins

Assignment Selling really catches fire after someone in the sales team discovers their own personal success story. All wins should be celebrated at the company level to acknowledge the sales team members' individual achievement and future continue momentum for TAYA. The outcome will be that you will begin tracking wins and report on what contributed to those wins using tracking software.

Collect and review recorded sales calls with your team (and your coach)

In order to make improvements, you must all be open to feedback on your team and company processes. The team will need to review sales calls and emails to objectively identify areas to keep, change, or stop. The outcome will be that your team has the ability to provide real-time feedback to benefit your sales team and use data collected from calls/emails to create a custom plan for areas to improve.

1:1 sales email content training

Often there is no standardization process for how each sales team member communicates with prospects and customers via email. An email is a very important piece of content that will either foster connection or be dismissed. The outcome will identify how your sales team is using email and identify areas of improvement through training and feedback.

Train your sales team on how to use 1-to-1 video for selling using Vidyard

Sales teams should be using 1-to-1 video as part of their everyday strategy but many do not have the training or resources. Utilizing Vidyard for communication with prospects and customers should become second nature. The outcome of this dedicated training will align your sales team with the right tool and how to use it effectively and consistently.

Train your sales team on how to use video for selling

Using video is the sales process can be intimidating, mostly because it's so rarely used - a missed opportunity to build trust between the sales team member and prospect. The outcome will bring the sales team up to speed, help them understand why they need to make videos as part of their regular process for prospecting and closing deals, and reinforce the need to use video in every interaction.