Becoming Comfortable On Camera

Video is a huge part of your inbound sales and marketing strategy. However, so often we hear, "But I'm not good on camera," or, "That's not for me, someone else can do it instead." In order to build trust with your customers and prospects and become the most trusted voice in your industry, everyone at your organization must become comfortable on camera. In this learning path, Zach Basner and the IMPACT team will show you how. 

Here's what you'll learn:

Proven strategies that make you not only look but feel more confident on camera

How to maximize gestures and facial expressions (yes, the small stuff) to help drive viewers to take action.

How other businesses put these techniques into action and the results they gained from using them.


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If you shudder at the thought of speaking on camera, you’re definitely not the only one. Whether it’s worrying about how your hair or makeup looks or your tone of voice, it’s common to feel self-conscious when the camera starts rolling —...

Zach Basner  
Single Recording

Video content presents powerful opportunities for businesses but, unfortunately, a fear of being on-camera prevents even the most effective sales and marketing professionals from ever harnessing its power. As the video department “owner”...

Single Recording

This is a re-airing of one of our most popular sessions from Video Sales & Marketing World 2020. This will be followed by a live Q&A with Zach Basner. Today, video content presents powerful opportunities for sales professionals who leve...


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