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9h 36m
Getting started with They Ask, You Answer
They Ask, You Answer is a revolutionary framework to inbound success. Broken out into 10 core components, implementing They Ask, You Answer requires full team alignment and buy-in in order to be successful. This learning path will cover each of those 10 core components and help you get started to They Ask, You Answer success. 
Level: Beginner   •   Updated: Nov 5, 2021
12h 08m
Creating amazing business blog content
The content you put on your website is meant to serve three audiences:

  1.  Website visitors who need to learn more about their problem and trust your company to provide the solution. 
  2.  Prospects who may want to work with your organization and want to make sure you're the right team for the job.
  3.  Your sales team, who need content to close the deal.

This learning path will help you create the content you all need and make sure you understand your role in the success of your organization through their content efforts. 
Level: Intermediate   •   Updated: Nov 15, 2021
7h 42m
Generating powerful video content that gets results
Video is the future for companies and customers. People want to learn and share visually now more than ever and, even better, it's easier than ever to create video content. This learning path is designed to help you build a video production process that is sustainable and successful. 
Level: Intermediate   •   Updated: Nov 15, 2021
9h 04m
Building your virtual selling strategy
Salespeople and customers alike have to learn how to be comfortable on camera, deal with a new world of distractions in different working environments, and learn the many nuances to effectively communicating and selling through video.

Nonetheless, building a virtual selling strategy is difficult, whether you are a one-person show or have an entire sales organization making the switch. Not only do you need to know the right tools to use, but you also need to understand the major differences between in-person and virtual selling and how to do it effectively.

That’s why we’ve created this guided learning path, Building your virtual selling strategy.

Level: Intermediate   •   Updated: Nov 5, 2021
7h 22m
Utilizing HubSpot and the power of your CRM
HubSpot plays a critical role in your They Ask, You Answer success. From generating and nurturing leads for your sales team to implementing assignment selling, to attribution and ROI reporting, HubSpot is the key to more inbound leads and more inbound sales for your business. This learning path will guide you from start to finish on how to maximize HubSpot to get the results your organization is looking for. 
Level: Advanced   •   Updated: Nov 5, 2021