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Digital Sales and Marketing Day

A virtual event to keep your business thriving in uncertain times.

Recorded on: Apr 6, 2020

About the Event

We are in uncharted waters. Now more than ever, businesses need to be ready to weather the storm, while preparing to scale for the future. In this interactive, virtual event you will learn proven tactics that will empower your company to drive new business and thrive in a digital-only, video-first environment.

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24 Simple Strategies to Convert Website Visitors into Leads
A killer digital marketing strategy is designed to drive traffic, leads, and sales to your business. But what if you’re just starting out? How do you know your website has what it takes to convert traffic into qualified sales leads? That’s where IMPACT’s 24 lead conversion strategies come into play!

At the end of this session you will be able to:

1. Create a persuasive call-to-action that your website visitors can’t help but click on

2. Design a landing page that clearly sets expectations (and does the ground work for future follow-up)

3. Build a lead conversion form that’s perfectly calibrated for the right stage of the buyer’s journey

4. Execute a follow-up strategy that produces sales qualified prospects

Presenters: Jess Palmeri & Joe Bachir

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5 Ways to Network, Increase Sales Conversations, and Generate More Leads Using LinkedIn

This session will focus on tactical and tested techniques that my sales teams and I have learned over the last 2 years using LinkedIn every day to build a network, start sales conversations using strategic content, and ultimately increasing our lead pipeline by 80%.

Having spent nearly 2 years as a member of the Customer Advisory Board for LinkedIn and an author on LinkedInLearning, creating flagship courses in sales and marketing, I'm excited to share my findings and expertise in a light-hearted and entertaining session that will leave people with actionable steps to see immediate results in their business.

Key Takeaways

  1. How to craft a LinkedIn profile that will start conversations and attract the "right" connections.
  2. How to create LinkedIn content that has a viral impact and moves from content to conversation.
  3. How to find, manage, and get the most out of your connections using LinkedIn.
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A Definitive Guide To On-Camera Performance (Spoiler: Your Team Is Great On Camera)
Video content presents powerful opportunities for businesses but, unfortunately, a fear of being on-camera prevents even the most effective sales and marketing professionals from ever harnessing its power.

As the video department “owner” you’re responsible for ensuring that your subject matter experts look and feel good in front of the camera.

In this session, you will learn the simple techniques that will allow your team to build more trust, influence buyers, and sell more easily with video.

Key Takeaways

1. Understand why many people say they “aren’t good on camera.”

2. Learn simple on-camera techniques that will make you more comfortable and confident.

3. See real stories and examples of sales pros like you, crushing it with video.

Presenter: Zach Basner
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A Fireside Chat with Ann Handley: How to Create an Email Newsletter People Will Love
In this candid fireside chat with Ann Handley you will learn the three types of newsletters companies may want to produce, when and how often you should send your newsletter, and more. Plus, learn Ann's process for writing her fortnightly newsletter that is enjoyed by 20,000+ people every other Sunday.

Presenter: Ann Handley
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Becoming a Better Leader Through Crisis
Presenter: JT Terrell
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Best (And Worst) Practices Of Creating A YouTube Channel And Publishing Educational Content
Hear from Will Schultz about the mindset that organizations that should be taken on when doing search engine videos with TAYA content.

He will be discussing the typical channel structure do’s and don’t’s, and the checklist of assets required. He’ll present the questions that allow a business to decide on the category of content to create first for YouTube as well as how to optimize the metadata for TAYA videos.

Presenter: Will Schultz
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Digital Empathy: How to Embrace Transparency & Vulnerability While Maintaining Authority

Today, every business must be in the “trust” business. Layers of complexity and innovation have amplified the importance and value of storytelling and relatability. Even though the world has become much more digitally-connected, many business practices haven’t changed that much.

This means: marketers must shift their mindsets – focusing on being relatable through transparency and vulnerability while maintaining authority ultimately bridging the gap between emotional connection & digital innovation.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand digital native consumer behaviors and the mindset required to integrate emotional intelligence in today’s business.
  • Learn about the three Ts required to create synergy between the need to humanize/personalize our business by leveraging technology and social media.
  • Walk away with a game plan to create a strategy that leverages dynamic virtual emotions into emotional storytelling and digital empathy.
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How AIS is Slaying Giants: They Ask, You Answer’s Strategy is Helping Them Beat Household Names like Xerox, Canon and Sharp.
Before learning about the power of content, Keven was spending $2 million a month on Google Adwords.

Since implementing They Ask, You Answer at AIS, they’ve seen a 13X increase in organic traffic and have gone from 17 keywords on the first page of Google to 572 keywords on the first page.

Learn how Kevin used They Ask, You Answer strategies to find a deeper understanding of what his customers and prospects were searching for. You’ll also learn how he uses video to build trust and increase sales, how he got his entire team creating content, and how he got his sales team using it to close more deals faster.

Presenter: Keven Ellison

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How To Build A Content Style Guide For Your Business
In this session from IMPACT’s content director, you’ll learn what a content style guide is, how to run a content style guide workshop at your company, how to build your own content style guide, and how to foster adoption.

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How To Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever
Dan Tyre speaks to tens of thousands of people per year on the subtle and not so subtle changes of staying on course, focused on success and positioned to accomplish your goals. Fast paced, insightful, directive and effective, this presentation is a great way to get your audience focused, motivated and ready to perform.

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How To Use Video In Sales During a Quarantine
In the current climate it’s more important than ever to incorporate video into your sales process. Whether you typically do sales face to face, or you relied on cold outbound outreach now is the time to heavily dive into using video.

However, we know it can be scary to use video for the first time. Plus, there's just so much information out there. Where do you even start?

Start here! Join us to learn strategies, tips and examples that will help build out a strong video selling program for your organization.

Presenter: Myriah Anderson
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How to Run a Virtual Conference
When we chose to postpone Digital Sales & Marketing World 2020 we knew we also wanted to host a virtual event on the original date. But with just 4 weeks to do it, could we make it happen? Hear from Stephanie and Bob on what they learned along the way, how they made it happen, and how you can do a virtual event of your own.
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How to Use the 4 Es of Video to Tell a Bigger and Bolder Story
Video isn't just another format to tell the same story. It's a richer and more engaging medium that allows you to tell a bigger story, to infuse your message with personality and emotion, and to connect with audiences on a truly personal level. Whether you're planning to use video in your marketing, sales, or customer service programs, join this session to learn how to leverage "the 4 Es of Video" to stand out and earn the trust of your audience.

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How to Use the Power of Mirror Neurons to Build Fans of Your Videos
In today’s covid-19 reality, marketers and salespeople have an opportunity to use video to engage viewers when face-to-face interaction is no longer an option. An understanding of what’s going on in our brains as we watch a video teaches us a simple but powerful way to make our videos more effective, driving engagement, and building fans.

Mirror neurons are a group of cells in the premotor cortex and inferior parietal cortex of our brain. These neurons are fascinating because they not only activate when we perform an action—biting into an apple for example—they also fire when we observe somebody else performing the same action. Mirror neurons explain why we feel that we “know” movie stars and television personalities by simply seeing them on a screen. This powerful knowledge unlocks fascinating details for how you can make your videos more powerful.

In this session, you will learn:

  • A basic understanding of how mirror neurons work and how you can apply this neuroscience to make your videos more effective.
  • Precise predictions of each level of virtual proximity so you can manage video production more effectively.
  • Details on how to crop your videos to maximize viewer interest.
  • How effective video can build fans of any business!

Presenter: David Meerman Scott
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Immediately Boost Sales with SMS Marketing Automation
Increased communication is a must as everyone begins working remotely, so it only makes sense that email inboxes are flooding.

At the same time, sales teams are looking for quick wins and most likely contributing to the email overflow. So how can your sales team get their pitch to stand out? SMS marketing automation allows you to connect on the device your prospects and customers use most – their mobile phone.

Join us to learn how your industry can incorporate texting in the sales process. We’ll talk through statistics, practical use cases, and present a demo of an SMS tool integrating with your CRM and marketing automation software.

Presenters: Roman Kniahynyckyj & Kelly Groover

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Is the Next Significant Computer Revolution Underway?
In the last month, the world has completely changed.

Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, the traditional workplaces have physically shut, the momentum swings more to the screen than ever before. The silicon chip and the internet becomes the heart and soul of the world.

So what do you do now? How do you maximize the power of the software revolution (that has been booming for a decade) and is now about to be at the forefront of radical social change?

Businesses that have not needed to truly embrace technology now suddenly find the entire existence relying on it.

Where do you start, what does the future hold?

In the search for answers, the foundations of digital sales and marketing become more real.

The customer service concept of “They ask you answer” is now a bold and harsh reality. Still, a terrific starting point for all businesses forced to embrace technology like never before. Is it a revolution?

Presenter: Adam Steinhardt
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Key Metrics to Drive Agency Success. Leading With Certainty in Dynamic Times.
Agency leaders must navigate complex dynamics every day. But in today’s uncertain times, leading with certainty is more challenging than ever and getting a clear understanding of business conditions to make actionable, informed decisions can be difficult.

For agencies navigating the current climate, establishing and prioritizing the right measures is the key to making the correct moves today, while keeping an eye on future growth. The agencies that are able to retain clients and improve project health right now will survive and thrive in the future.

Join Mavenlink’s Brent Trimble in a session that reveals the importance of data in agency operations. In this session, he’ll explore the 5 key metrics that drive agency success today and well into the future.

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Navigating Your Agency Through Stormy Seas
We are living in creative times. In this session, Clodagh will give you clear actionable steps that you can do as an agency today that are within your control.

You likely have a lot of what if questions as we go through this transition of change.

What if you get the call from a client that they are going to bring marketing in-house? What if your client halves their budget or cancels with you? What if your team cannot transition to working from home? At the end of this session you will be able to plan for the next three phases ahead: Adjusting - Work on a plan for what is within your control Pivoting - How to prepare & adapt for what-if situations. Building - How can you strengthen your agency for the future.

Presenter: Clodagh Higgins

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Remote Teams and Real Results: 10 Tips to Have a Healthy Remote Team
Working remotely is nothing new to SEMrush, we’ve been doing it from the beginning of the company’s ten years in business. Some companies have been trying to avoid it because they didn’t have very good results. Today, companies need to work remotely with their entire staff. During this presentation we will share the practices on how to get things done while working remotely.

Presenter: Fernando Angulo 
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Setting Your Organization Up For Digital Sales And Marketing Success
After the opening workshop, your head will be full of ideas you want to implement – but it will also be full of challenges you’ll need to overcome. In the first half of this session, we’ll dive into these common challenges, and how to prepare for them, together. By the end, you’ll be ready to change the future of your company forever.

You’ll become more aware of the challenges that lie ahead and how you can set yourself up for success on your digital sales and marketing journey. A big part of your success, and ROI, will be determined by how quickly and how well you can integrate content with your sales process and get buy-in throughout your organization.

We will tackle this head-on and leave you with no fear when it comes to getting buy-in from your team. You’ll walk away from this summit ready to take action as soon as you get home and be successful no matter what challenges you encounter along the way.

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Using Video to Accelerate Sales and Marketing in a Remote Working World
The current pandemic is creating significant challenges for businesses in every market. How do we engage our customers and prospects in truly meaningful ways when travel restrictions and remote work policies are a new reality? Join this session to learn how to use video content across your sales and marketing teams right now to stay connected with buyers, to remove friction from the buying process, and to earn trust at a time when it matters more than ever.

Presenter: Tyler Lessard

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Why Most Newsletters Stink And How To Make Sure Yours Delivers Value
Amith Nagarajan and Jared Loftus from will explain why the world today is better suited for great company newsletters than ever before.

Especially in light of the health crisis we now face, consistent, informative and relevant communication is critical.

The question they will answer is how to do this in a way that is sustainable over the long run, feasible with available resources, and just plain awesome for your readers.

In this session you will learn:

  • Why newsletters are a critical element of your marketing strategy, especially now Techniques for streamlining and automating the newsletter process to save time.
  • Improve the engagement rates of your newsletter while increasing reader satisfaction
  • How AI can be put to work immediately, helping you curate as well as personalize content