YouTube Viewership on Connect TV is up

Posted November 6, 2020 in
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Check out this article talking about the devices people are watching YouTube from. While mobile continues to be the top performer, connected TV is gaining ground! 

Based on this info, I'm curious to hear your thoughts on these questions: 

  • Does this change your approach to content creation? Typically, when we're making videos for platforms like this, shorter was considered better. But with Connect TV mimicking the experience of traditional viewing habits, should we change the way we approach creating video content? 

  • Do you watch YouTube videos on connected TV? I know I do! 

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Chris Wager
Yeah I almost exclusively put on YouTube in place of regular TV on my TV. I usually only put something on when I am eating and the short nature of the content makes it easy to not get sucked into something after I am done eating. 

It's not a bad idea to think of YouTube content as potential TV replacement content. With the ease of use of editing programs and capabilities I think we can really create some great movie quality stuff to entertain people like traditional TV while promoting our brands.
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