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Nathan Dube

Blessed be.

Greetings, Impact fam!

How about a YouTube subscriber swap?

All you gotta do is, subscribe to our YouTube channel posted below and then post your YouTube channel in the comments and I will return the favor.

Easy peasy!

Lets grow each others YouTube channels!

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Connor DeLaney
Love this Nathan Dube ! I just subscribed. Looking at your past videos, I was curious why you choose not to do a video podcast? I was thinking that could make for even more engaging content putting faces to the names 🤔

Here's a link to our Digital Sales & Marketing YouTube channel -


Nathan Dube
I took the best practices as suggested by the INBOUND 2020 Podcast session host. Also, a few of the people I interviewed had asked if it was video or audio indicating they would be more comfortable not being on screen. And, as the majority of the episodes are solo, just me talking, I am not convinced that would be a good idea. Finally, for the solo episodes, I am reading a script (blog post) and I don't really want to try to convert the blog post into a free-form improvised video on the same content. A video of me reading a blog post is not all that interesting.

PLEASE NOTE: The link you posted goes to my youtube channel. Edit it and I will follow you!

Connor DeLaney
Fair points! that's good to know :) Also, updated the link, thank you for catching that!
Nathan Dube

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