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Posted November 29, 2021 in

Nathan Dube


PROBLEM SOLVED:  As it turns out, there was a bug with my Hubspot dashboard, and the report (while showing for everyone else in the marketing department), was not showing for me. After chatting with Hubspot, the report is now showing and it does in fact have a way to show revenue as it relates to the contacts generated by our youtube channel which is trackable in Hubspot. 

Does anyone have anything like this? A third-party analytics tool that can show you that a visitor from your you-tube channel became a customer (with or without filling out a form on your website)?

I have access to the YouTube data in google analytics and it is useful, but I am having trouble finding a way to attribute revenue. Hubspot seems to not want to integrate with YouTube in a way that would make it easy to find this information as it appears Hubspot obviously wants you to upload your videos to Hubspot rather than YouTube.

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Chris Greene
add url parameters on the videos
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