You Can Now Import Sales Activity Into HubSpot

Posted December 2, 2022 in
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This is a pretty big update that I think is important for people to be aware of! You can now import sales activity into your HubSpot portal. You can see more information about it here.

Why is this important? Well, here are a couple of reasons why this could be helpful:
  • You are moving from another CRM into HubSpot
    • In the past, when you would migrate over to HubSpot, if you were relying on the import tool, you were limited to just being able to import contact, company, deal, or other object data. However, you would miss out on sales activity data like notes in company records, meetings logged, etc. Now, you can import that activity from one CRM into HubSpot
  • Your team wants to import a bunch of activity they logged outside of HubSpot
    • Yes, it is possible that there are still people on the team not logging everything into HubSpot right away. Sticky notes are still a thing (unfortunately). This feature lets your bulk upload activity into your portal.
I am sure there are other scenarios where this will be helpful, but those are the main two I can think of. If you haven't already checked this out, and you think this could be useful, definitely check out the knowledge base article, or take a look at your own portal to see how it works.
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