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Posted July 9, 2021 in

Liz Murphy

Content strategist + brand messaging therapist

One of the things I find to be equal parts fascinating and completely 🤬 frustrating is the "inside baseball" side of SEO. There's this whole world of seemingly super technical stuff that influences how well our ideal buyers are able (or not able to) discover the content we're creating for them. 

And yet these stories are often shoved aside or dismissed as being irrelevant. 

This story is just one example. It's easy to think that stories about "internal linking" and site structure are too abstract for you to care about or understand, but that's not the case.

As I said in that article:

"... while it's easy to dismiss these little morsels of strategic SEO expertise as being "too in the weeds" to be relevant to how well your content strategy gets results, you shouldn't. You need to recognize that the overall health, structure and experience of your website matters more than ever to your success and your ability to rank No. 1 for the keywords you desire most."
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Mark Wilson
Hm. We probably go a bit overboard here and there, though our "core" content (pillars + highest-ranking/revenue-generating articles) are linked more often than most other content. Is there a sense of when too much becomes too much, so to speak? Should I create a cap on internal links per every 1K words, for example? I have a similar quota for external links (min. 1 per 1K words), but no strict standard for the internal side.
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