John Becker

Working parents -- What's working for you?

After a summer of limited camp opportunities, the fall doesn't look much better for our 10 and 6 year olds.

For us in Connecticut, my kids' school is going back to a hyrbid model, meaning they'll only be in school two days a week. 

How's it looking for everyone else? What are your plans?

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Chris Marr
Hey John, our kids just went back to school (11, 4.5) and our eldest (19) is going to Uni in October. The Scottish Government just issued a statement that it will be mandatory for all school kids in higher education (11-18) to wear a face mask at school from next week. Coincidentally, Paddy (11) is off school today with a sore throat...the schools are a human soup of germs! I'm not overly confident about it all, particularly for the older kids. I guess we'll see what happens! Other than that, the kids are back at school full time. Next week will be second week full time, and as we roll into week three that's when we'll see if the measures thy have put in place have been effective. Everyone is on tenterhooks right now. 
Morgan VanDerLeest
We're getting ready to start full-time virtual schooling for our kindergartener. She's still technically enrolled in school but will be doing everything from home. Re-arranged some furniture so she has a nice desk area to be able to work and focus. The way our school district in Texas (or at least this school) works is every 6 weeks you can transition to in-person or virtual, or stay the same. Waiting to see how things look in another 4-6 weeks!

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