Wix and Google Announce a Google My Business Integration

Connor DeLaney

"If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original."

Today Wix and Google announced they'll be partnering up to create an integration directly within the platform. This seems like a fantastic opportunity for individuals and small business owners using Wix to manage their websites in order to be more apparent in Google search performance as well as managing things such as Maps and reviews. 

It will also create an integrated experience for dashboards and data collection, including views on GMB, search performance, and CTAs from a GMD page such as phone number, website, and directions to a location.

This seems like a big deal for Wix website users, what are your thoughts?  Does this make Wix more desirable or still sticking with other website platforms? 
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Tom DiScipio
Connor DeLaney  It seems like Wix has had some negative stigma around it for some time that it's not a "search friendly" platform. So I think this was a really smart play on their part to partner up with Google and show that, yes, they can compete with the likes of SquareSpace and others in the search realm.
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Connor DeLaney
Completely agree  Tom DiScipio ! Seems like a perfect opportunity for Wix to take a step up and not just be the "financially friendly" solution. Love the insight!