WIN a $50 Gift Card - IMPACT Assignment Selling Contest!

Posted September 16, 2020 in

Chris Marr

Global Coaching Perfomance Director

Hey Y'all,

I'm got something truly exciting for you today, and it's all in this 5 minute video:
Assignment Selling Content - Win a $50 Gift Card!

That's right, I'm giving away two $50 gift cards to the best examples of Assignment Selling across all the clients we're working with here at IMPACT.

This is for sales, marketing and leadership teams to get involved in, and the competition is going to be set high!

Here are the details: 

  • Send your Assignment Selling examples to
  • Place 'Assignment Selling Contest' into the subject line
  • Deadline: EOD on 30th September
  • Winners announced: 9th October

What is Chris looking for? 

When you send me your examples I'll be looking at:

  • Your use of 1:1 personalised video and how you present yourself and the language you use
  • How you structure your email and how you lay it out
  • Your use of content and assignments in the sales process (of course)
  • It's clear that you are getting ahead of objections, questions and concerns and you are leading a buyer through the sales process
  • It's for a prospective buyer (not a current buyer)

What if I don't know enough about Assignment Selling?


There's plenty of time for you to do the learning and put it to work. Here's what you need to learn: 

📚 Books to read:

  1. Read Part II of TAYA, pages 111-148 (Buy your copy here)

🎥 Courses to complete: 

  1. Assignment Selling: Content is your greatest sales tool by Marcus Sheridan

📑 Articles to read: 

  1. How assignment selling has made me a better salesperson:
  2. 5 common assignment selling mistakes:
  3. 5 real-life examples of assignment selling:
  4. Assignment selling: Interview with a salesman:
  5. Making a sales call in the age of assignment selling:
  6. What is Assignment Selling:

To wrap up...

Winning the prize is going to be awesome for the two people that have the best examples, but I truly believe that everyone is going to win by pushing themselves, and then learning from what the best examples look like - we will all learn from each other. So, with that in mind, use this contest to push you to see what you are capable of, and if you win the $50, that's a nice little cherry on the top :)

Let's get to work. 

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Zach Basner
Oh, this is gonna be GOOD. :-)
Will Schultz
My hope is that AES can use their new videos in a way that would fit this description....  Bri Stauffer   Christiaan Filoon ...... Or maybe  Sean Horsfall will have a story? Last but not least, how about  Daniel Rosbottom and  Kyle Wertz  push this to the WS Tyler team! Godspeed to you all.
John Becker
I love this! Great work,  Chris Marr !
Chris Marr
Announcing our first winner - Emma Stanton from AES. Congratulations Emma! 
As promised, I've recorded a video for you of me walking through why I picked Emma as one of the winners of this contest. 

Press this link to view the original video in full screen (Warning: Link opens in same tab!)

There's a lot for us all to learn from this example, and I highly encourage you all to watch the whole video and take a note of what you can learn from Emma's example and apply to your own communication and assignment selling.

I've placed the video here in IMPACT+ so that we can continue to learn from each other by sharing our lessons in the comments section below. 

Emma, great work and congratulations on winning! Your $50 gift card will be with you next week :)

Thanks again for getting involved in the contest, and I'm looking forward to doing it again soon.


PS. I forgot to mention one part of my feedback in the video and it's something that is missing a lot of the time in sales communication, and that is what is going to happen next. It's important that we're clear on exactly what should happen next.

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1 1
Connor DeLaney
Congratulations  Emma Stanton  well deserved! 
Keven Ellison
I wish I could expand the video. I can't see all of this in the small frame. Can you send us all a link?
Chris Marr
Here's the original link: (It may open in the same tab!)
Jim Schultz
Great work  Emma Stanton !  Congrats on exhibiting a fundamental principle in our vision!  Thanks Chris Marr for the continued push in our improvement.

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1 1
Kaitlyn Pintarich
This is awesome, great job  Emma Stanton  !
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Bri Stauffer
So proud of you,  Emma Stanton  🎉🎉
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Kevin Phillips
Now this is what assignment selling done right looks like. Nice job  Emma Stanton  
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