Why multi-tasking is actually hurting your productivity...

Posted December 2, 2022 in
"For many of us effective multi-tasking is nothing more than just effective delusional thinking." - Brad Stuhlberg, Peak Performance

Ouch! For as long as I can remember, I've prided myself on being a professional multi-tasker, gaining pure satisfaction from how many boxes I could check off at the end of the day (and I know I'm not the only one). Yet no matter how many tasks I winded up touching in a week, I often found that I was still not completing my priorities and hitting all of my deadlines. My productivity was tanking!

It wasn't until our team began reading Peak Performance that I realized that the thing I was proudly wearing as a badge was my biggest hinderance to my productivity. According to Stuhlberg, "Studies show that multi-tasking can cannibalize as much as 40% of someone's productive time." But why? Because our brains don't work like computers do - they can't process more than one thing at a time with a high level of quality. So instead of getting twice as much done with multi-tasking, we're actually only getting about half as much done.

So here's a couple of tips that our team has been putting into practice this week: 
  • Define concrete objectives for your working session 
  • Get rid of distractions (that's right... put your phone and slack on silent)
  • Focus and concentrate deeply on one task at a time
Remember... Quality over quantity. 
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Mary Brown
Ugh  Janet Mendez  this hits hard. I've been guilty of multitasking for as long as I can remember. It's going to be tough to try and focus on one task at a time, but I can absolutely see why the effort will be worth it.

Thanks for sharing!
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Melanie Moore
I'm so guilty! Love the tips and I will definitely try to put those into practice. 
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Ashley Unzicker
Oof. Great tips! Thanks!
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