Who belongs on your 'Meet The Team' Page?

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David Roberge

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Question for my fellow marketers:

Who belongs on your 'team' page on your website? Some in leadership believe adding everyone may "make us look too small", others believe that we should have every employee on there with a small bio. 

How do you make the determination? Is it just top-level leadership? What if you have a very small sales team, do you add just one rep or just one technician? Or do you add every salesperson and every technician?

Looking forward to your feedback!
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Zach Basner
This is an interesting one, David.

Here are some things I'm thinking about regarding adding the whole team:

  • Gives you a good opp to address the value of working with a "smaller" team right there on the page
  • Shows your prospects you're proud of your team
  • Shows the team that you value them personally
  • Gives any customer the opportunity to get to know the folks behind the operation (seldom do companies display everyone)
  • Potentially gives everyone the chance to get on video (obviously had to sneak that in there ;-))
  • Appeals to folks who value working with a small, tight-knit team
  • Appeals to future hires (this is actually a really big deal when you think about it)

  • Might turn off someone who wants a big team working with them (having them displayed on the website doesn't change this though - so is it not a good fit already?)
  • Will take time and effort to gather bios, videos and images
  • Depending on hiring/turnover/role change, could need constant updating

There's probably more there, but maybe this will help a little bit. :-)
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David Roberge
This is a great summation of everyone's sentiments so far with some great pros and cons! Thanks,  Zach Basner  

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