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Connor DeLaney

"If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original."

I have the following 3 videos shot for a client but not yet uploaded onto their website: 

  1. Claims we make
  2. 80% 
  3. Landing Page

Landing page is the easy one but wondering for the others the best places for those to live on the website.

Devon McCarty Kyle Wertz Jamie Sims - You all might be good people to ask in particular!
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Lindsey Schmidt
Connor DeLaney   Claims we Make could go in a number of places; it could be on the homepage, under the hero section, it could be in the About Us section. 

80% could live in the learning center, or if it's considered to be top of the funnel in the sales process, it could live in the hero section of the homepage 
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Connor DeLaney
Thank you  Lindsey Schmidt !
Devon McCarty
Hey Connor!

Your 80% video should be the hero of your website. If done correctly, that should be the beacon of truth for anyone wanting to pursue work with that company. Should be one of the first things a customer see's on the webpage.

Claims we Make work best anytime you're mentioning services. Not sure what company you're specifically working with, but I'd put it wherever you're about to tell people how your processes work.

Landing page videos are straight forward, as you said. 
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Connor DeLaney
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