What was I doing??

Posted September 29, 2022 in

Jake Jordan

I help leaders draw straight lines to success.

Do you ever get offtrack?

I certainly do.

It's not because I don't know know what is important. It has more to do with distractions in a million forms.

So one of the BEST things we can do in our TAYA journey is stay extremely clear. I had a conversation yesterday with a client that illustrates this really well.

Check the video out to hear how to get clear. on what content is. most important for them right now.

P.S. - My dude Brian Casey has a great course on IM+ to help you walk through this process with your team!

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Evelyn Gascoyne
Jake, are you a butcher, because that was CLOSE TO THE BONE! Great insights here, thank you for sharing! Can I share this vid with my team? :) 
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Jake Jordan
You can! Should be able to just share the link directly

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Evelyn Gascoyne
Amazing, thank you! 
Daryl Michel
That is excellent. The power of FOCUS.
Jake Jordan
I can't even remember what I had for breakfast 30% of the time. Gotta keep things on a narrow path!
Daryl Michel
🤣 I know the feeling. #coffeesupnext

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