What To Do Now.....I Have No Idea!

Posted August 17, 2021 in

Jimmy Beasley

Adversity cause some men to break, others to break records

Dear IMPACT + Team, 

I have done all that can for right now with the website. In other words it is 100% done temporarily. Don't know what other strategy or solution I can try to get, leads and prospects.
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Connor DeLaney
Jimmy Beasley  The biggest thing right now is to continue producing content and driving traffic through that medium! I know you have several on your site and the next step is going to be continuing to generate content Google will gravitate to in my opinion :) 
Jimmy Beasley
Connor DeLaney  , that is the problem, I am not a certified copywriter and I don't have the money to hire someone to write quality content. As of right now I am totally flat broke, and if I was going to focus on producing content I would have to wait until next month. 
Tom DiScipio
Jimmy Beasley - no need to hire a content writer my friend! Nor do you need any sort of certification. You do a wonderful job of publishing content on here multiple times a day. I think if you refocus some of your efforts, you'll be able to produce the content for your blog that will help to drive more website traffic. The best place to start is by checking out a few of Kevin Phillips ' content production courses in the "Learn" section.
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Jimmy Beasley
Tom DiScipio  , I am the type of man where If I make a promise to myself towards a specific goal I set for myself. I make sure to keep it at all cost. This is more of a personal goal. What do you mean produce the content for your blog. I suck at producing blog content.
Tom DiScipio
I believe it, and I see that everyday from you Jimmy Beasley ! :)

Great question about content production. And, like I said before, you're actually quite strong at creating content!

Here's what I was thinking at a very high level:
• Read (or re-read) They Ask, You Answer to give yourself a good foundation on how to write blog content that your potential buyers are looking for.
• Commit to writing 2 to 3 blog articles per week that relate to "The Big 5" content topics (there are a few courses in IMPACT+ to check out around this)
• Measure your traffic to your new blogs over time in Google Analytics
Connor DeLaney
Jimmy Beasley  the only way any of us have gotten better at writing blog content was simply by writing it and having the right people and resources nearby to help us improve it. You are the subject matter expert at your company and know what your services are inside and out. Sure you may not be a certified content writer, but at the same time, you will give the best answer for your organization. Then you can use tools like Grammarly and Hemingway to ensure everything looks more polished and put together. 

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