What the Heck Is HubSpot Cookie Scanning?

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This is a question my team was asking this week. Since we were wondering about it, we figured some of you might be, too! Let's dive in.

Cookie scanning is a new beta offered by HubSpot. Reminder: Super admins can join betas by navigating to your portal dropdown > selecting Product Updates and > clicking Betas under Early Access.

Here are the descriptions offered by HubSpot: 

What is it?
HubSpot’s cookie scanner detects and categorizes all the cookies on your website and can block them until visitors have given their consent. Use it to prevent cookies from dropping on website visitors’ browsers before they accept your cookie banner. This feature allows the HubSpot cookie banner to manage all external and third-party cookies (and not only those belonging to HubSpot).
Prefer a guided walkthrough? Check out
this 4-minute video!

Why does it matter?
As global data privacy laws continue to evolve, businesses need to be increasingly careful about how they track website visitors. Many laws (most popularly, GDPR) require all non-essential cookies to be blocked prior to a visitor’s consent.

Without cookie scanning, HubSpot’s cookie banner can only manage HubSpot cookies and cookies dropped by native integrations (like social pixels and Google Analytics). Use this cookie scanner to block all of the cookies on your website prior to consent to align with data privacy best practices.

You've seen us write about the increasing concern for user privacy before, like here, where it relates to Google Analytics 4, and you will see it come up again. As HubSpot noted, data privacy is going to continue changing and every business must be vigilant.

How is your business staying on top of data privacy changes? Do you have any user privacy concerns? 
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