What's your favorite task management tool?

Posted May 6, 2021 in

John Becker

Revenue and Features Editor at IMPACT

Hey everyone! 

We've started using ClickUp here at IMPACT, and we're also fans of Trello. What do you use to get your work done and make sure nothing falls through the cracks?

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Vin Gaeta
I've recently fallen in love with Notion.so for my notes/personal organization - it's been great and much better than Evernote IMO. 
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John Becker
Ditto,  Vin Gaeta ! I love Notion.
Blake Cormier
We're on Office 365, so I use the Planner app. It's basically a Trello clone, but we can use it without needing to juggle more accounts/passwords.
I use it for my content calendar. Everything starts in the Ideas column and then moves through the planning/writing/editing/approval stages until complete. It also supports due dates, assigning tasks, priorities, and tags to further refine our workflow.
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Connor DeLaney
Blake Cormier  if you're able (and willing) i'd love to see a screenshot of what your process looks like in Planner! I used it at a previous company when they used Office365 but it didn't feel as put together in years past. Would love to check it out! 
Lex Russell
I'm an overly organized person and I love Asana. But, even when I have fancy tools to use, I almost always have some sort of separate list or calendar in a Google Sheet somewhere so that I can customize it to my liking.
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Christina OConnor
I also use Planner in an O365 environment. It has come a long way over the years! Couldn't live without it now! 
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