What's Up This Week? Last Week of Q1

Posted March 27, 2023 in
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Hey HubSpotters, 

What are you working on this week?

3 things I am checking out and experimenting with this week:

  • Resolveable comments. HubSpot added a simple checkmark on the top right side of your comments. Allowing you to hide the less important comments once they are resolved. KB article.
  • Requiring questions in playbooks. I'm working with a client that has created a great playbook for their sales team. Adding required questions will ensure he gets the data he needs before the sales process moves along without it. 
  • Random split tests. This one is interesting. I'm not sure how I'll be using it just yet, however HubSpot tells us: "You can now split an active or static list into up to 10 individual child static lists. With Split Lists, running an A/B+ test across tools like e-mail, CTA's, and landing pages will help you find the right message to engage with your right audience at the right time."
Any fun experiments happening with you and your team? Maybe you learned something awesome last week? Share this (and anything else) that you have happening with the group in the comments. 

Have a great week!
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