What's the one thing you commit to accomplishing this week?

Posted January 11, 2021 in
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Connor DeLaney

"If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original."

It's the second week of January 2021 and I'm sure there are A LOT of things going through your mind that you need to get moving on. So take a minute and slow down: What is the one thing you can commit to accomplishing this week?

Focus and prioritize on the most important project, objective, thing that will keep your company going. To help, consider the idea that if this one thing does not get done, myself or others cannot move forward on other priorities. 

Taking it one step further, how can the IMPACT+ community help you make it happen? 
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Steve Polito
Connor DeLaney This week I'm going to write a cost article as part of The Big 5. I've already posted in the Content Managers community and received some excellent pointers from  Chris Marr  
Connor DeLaney
Love it  Steve Polito  Be sure to share the final result when it gets published. 
Steve Polito

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