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Posted May 20, 2021 in

Stephanie Baiocchi

Why have gender roles when you can have pizza rolls?

As we spend more and more time on video we've all seen a lot of our coworkers and friends backgrounds. But have you ever wondered what THEY see?

I want to know what YOU see!

What's your setup like? What's your daily view? What's the one thing on your desk you can't live without? 

If you've got some cool gear let us know what camera or mic you use. Favorite brand of dry erase marker? Color-coded post it notes (me) or pens ( Chris Duprey )?

Drop a pic below and let me know what's most important to you about your desk setup!

Here's mine - featuring different colored Post-it notes for different things, my atr2100 mic for the Hubcast, an HD camera and ring light (which I rarely use) the window that gives me most of my light and a nice view, and my flowery mouse pad which just brings me joy. (My Ember mug is behind my monitor but on winter mornings that baby is front and center.) 
Stephanie's desk
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That is a magnificent desk set up. I have lots devices and screens, too. But more stacks of paper and notebooks. 
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Stephanie Baiocchi
haha thank you  MJ  I'll admit, I did clean up three empty coffee mugs and a bunch of old post it notes before I took this
Liz Moorehead
OK, I'm going to share my desk photo shortly, but tell me about that desk chair. It looks gorgeous and comfortable. Is it? And if so, where did you get it?
Stephanie Baiocchi
It is!! I sent someone else this link recently too... https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07FYMJMZX/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1