What makes a business website great?

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You don’t have to be a marketer to know a website is a must have for any business. 
We live in 2022, and your website is often the first impression you make on a potential client or customer. It allows them to learn, make contact and when done correctly, will be your greatest salesperson. 

Also keep in mind that your website also communicates your legitimacy to the outside world. If someone lands on your website and they immediately think of 1997- you’ve probably lost yourself a sale regardless of how amazing the work you do actually is. 
Whether you want to build brand awareness, drive traffic, generate more leads, or increase sales, a well-designed, professional website can provide a platform to make your business goals easier to achieve. 

There are millions of amazing businesses and business websites out there, but lets highlight three of my absolute favorites, and WHY I think they’re so amazing. 

What makes a business website great?
While the primary functions or actions your customer seeks from your website may vary, there are some standard things that your web presence should accomplish. 
In a nutshell, a great business website does three things:

  • Communicates your brand/offering clearly
    • When visitors arrive to your website, they should immediately know who you are, what you’re doing and how you can help them. My favorite approach to this is obviously the StoryBrand framework- where we intentionally position your reader as the hero of this story and your business as a guide to help them along the way.
  • Makes conversion/buying easy
    • This is where your CTA’s get really important- it should be impossible for visitors to your website to NOT know what to do next. A solid sales funnel will take them along a journey that educates, guides and eventually allows them to self select into your buying process. 
  • Educates your audience 
    • And finally we get to the core of our belief system at Impact- your website should educate each and every person who arrives on site. Perhaps you do this with the Big 5, or the Selling 7. Positioning yourself as a thought leader builds trust and encourages buyers to feel empowered. 

3 of the best business website design examples
Whether you’re starting from scratch or undergoing a website redesign, here are three examples of great business website designs to inspire your own!

1. Business Made Simple (BMS)
BMS is a course for those working in small-to-medium sized businesses by StoryBrand founder Donald Miller so it comes as no surprise that its website hits the nail on the head. 
Right when you arrive on the page, BMS clearly and concisely tells you what they offer and who it’s for (using The StoryBrand Framework), and gives you a CTA to get it. Providing this clear path along the buyers journey is a serious strength here. 
The website then goes into more detail about how its offerings work through copy and video- two forms of media that are absolutely crucial to your success not only with TAYA but as a business over all.
The site is streamlined to essentials and easy to navigate- which is such a small but incredibly powerful thing to consider when building out your site.

2. Bill Ragan Roofing
Next up, we have IMPACT client Bill Ragan Roofing — a wonderful example of a small business website doing everything right. 
Like Business Made Simple, this website follows The StoryBrand Famework to make its messaging direct and easy to grasp (are you seeing a theme yet?).
It also leaves no questions about how to start your journey with the company, using a bright orange button in its hero section to “request a quote” or take a quiz to determine what kind of roof service you need. Pay special attention to the ‘quiz’ portion- that’s the exact thing I’m talking about when I say allowing customers the opportunity to self select.
The website’s navigation also does a good job of directing you to the most essential information to begin your purchase journey — pricing and its learning center where it offers a variety of educational articles and videos to help you learn more about roofing and how to make a smart decision.

3. Ellevest
Ellevest is a women-first financial consulting company.
The brand’s website stands out by initially focusing on the emotional value it offers (personalized financial support) and key differentiators.
Then, as you scroll, the team unfolds more about its “mission to get more money in the hands of women” with original reports and data and testimonials from real members, along with photos and videos of the team. All of these testimonials and reviews provide a powerful story of expertise and trust within the industry. The clean, minimalist web design goes on to build credibility and trust, including the logos of media outlets the company has been featured on.

Another standout part of this website is its accessibility features for those with visual impairments- and accessibility is becoming an increasingly necessary part of the online experience. Simply click the menu on the right and you’ll be met with options for adjusting the website’s color palette, text sizing, focus, and more. 

If you’ve got any great examples- drop me a link!

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