Liz Moorehead

What is your favorite music (or sounds) to listen to when you're trying to focus, GSD and/or create content?

I really struggle, personally, because when I find jams or playlists I really like, sometimes the music itself will distract me. For example, one time I started typing out the lyrics to Beyonce's "Irreplaceable" instead of, you know... the top content marketing tools I was writing about. Oops.
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Nathan Dube
Also, I suppose I would be remiss if I did not offer my own sounds: 
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Nathan Dube
TOOL, particularly lateralus and the albums afterward are great for hyper-focus and getting amped.  
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Adam Stahl
I'm currently in this exact situation this morning and here's what I do in those moments:

- I listen to an album that I've heard so many times that the lyrics won't distract me (like Brian Fallon's "Painkillers" album)

- If that's not working, I'll listen to the game soundtracks from Minecraft or Stardew Valley. Especially with Minecraft, the soundtrack is specifically designed to fill that empty sound space while you're doing something else so I've found that works both in and outside of the game.

- Finally, if the above aren't working, I'll pivot to the background music from one of my favorite podcasts, The Adventure Zone. One of the hosts (Griffin) makes all of the music for this D&D live play comedy podcast. Much like with the video game soundtracks, this is music designed to fill space behind what you're meant to be paying attention to so it doesn't pull my mind away from my work.
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Steve Polito
I subscribe to Works like a charm. Good variety too.
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Kevin Phillips
Silence or white noise.

I can't listen to music because I can get carried away in it and not focus on writing. My mind will drift to topics like, "U-God is probably the most under-appreciated lyricist in the Wu-Tang Clan."

Or, I'll get lost in nostalgia. I'll start thinking of the past and how the song I'm listening to reminds me of a particular time and place. George Thoroughgood's One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer reminds me of how my dad had the tape in his truck and rewound and rewound the track until my brother, sister, and I could all recite the chorus in perfect harmony while he sang the rest of the song.  

I really like Noisli. My favorite custom track to build is one that reminds me of camping in Alaska. Slight breeze, campfire crackling, birds chirping, and maybe a lazy stream trickling nearby. 
Then I can just pretend I'm out in the middle of nowhere, in a camping chair, jotting my thoughts into a notebook.
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Liz Moorehead
"U-God is probably the most under-appreciated lyricist in the Wu-Tang Clan."

I love you. Never change. Like... ever. 
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David Roberge
Lyrics never distract me. I listen to all jams that are energizing while in GSD mode! Thanks, ADD? However, I find Electronic Concentration great every once in a while:).
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Liz Moorehead
Haha, I have ADD and it's the opposite for me. Lyrics and the changing songs will throw me.
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David Roberge
Hello fellow unfocused/hyperfocused friend with 95 tabs open on a regular basis:) 
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Connor DeLaney
I feel so understood in this post  David Roberge  
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Connor DeLaney
YES! I'm a Lofi Hip hop beats person through and through. Anything with lyrics I get easily distracted by. Here are some of my favorite YouTube live streams I typically have on in the background:

Chilled Cow (A classic)
The Bootleg Boy

Daniel Escardo   Hannah Woods   Marcella Jalbert I know you folks are fellow Lofi people, have any more you can share?
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Marcella Jalbert
I go between Chilled Cow and Animal Crossing and Chill most of all. There's something super satisfying about lofi-ified video game music.
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Connor DeLaney
Ahhh Animal Crossing and Chill! I remember you sending me that but forgot to bookmark it. Back on my list!
Hannah Woods
These are my go-tos including the ones you mentioned Connor DeLaney :

Airplane Mode 
Chillhop Groovy 2020 
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Liz Moorehead
OK, low-key now missing our chillout, early pandemic virtual working sessions with the lofi hip hop tracks.
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Connor DeLaney
Might be time to revisit those. Lemme see what I can do :) 

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