What is wrong with this email??

Posted November 25, 2020 in
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Almost daily, I get emails like the one below from strangers. They're usually requests to contribute content to IMPACT or asking for backlinks. Outreach emails are important to many marketers' content strategy. Unfortunately, most of the emails I receive get deleted without a response.
So tell me, what is wrong with this email and what could they have done to get me to respond?
What's wrong with this email?
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Connor DeLaney
There's a lot of I, me, and my language for starters. They never address why you should actually care about how it'll help you. 

I don't feel like they actually tried to connect with me (you) or address a pain point you are expericing. 
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Bri Stauffer
It is SO generic! Sure they say that they are "working on a piece that would be good for Impact," but how are you actually supposed to say what you think just based on the one line of information. 

Also, they don't explain the real value to Impact they can provide. The generic mention of social reach means nothing, since they could only have 10 followers.

Zero trust building going on here. Such a waste of time and effort!
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Connor DeLaney
TRUST! Great call  Bri Stauffer  They don't work to build a relationship at all with Kevin. 

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