What is the Best Premiere Setup For Working Remote and in the Office?

Posted December 28, 2020 in
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Larry Kagan

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I am new at this and just hired a full-time videographer. He has a new Mac at home and uses the Adobe suite. How should I set him up for post-production in the office? Should I get him a Mac or PC? Should he copy files, he is working on to an external drive, use Adobe Cloud, or use Google Drive? What's the best way to do this?
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Chris Marr
Looping  Zach Basner   Will Schultz and  Lindsey Auten into this for you  Larry Kagan  :)
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Lindsey Auten
Larry Kagan  It's a personal preference on what videographers like to edit on. If he's already using a Mac at home, set up with a Mac in the office As far as saving files goes, when I edit, I prefer to work off an SSD or external drive, and saving a backup copy to a cloud service. It's better to save the work in two places just in case :) Hope this helps!  
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Zach Basner
Hey Larry.

Here's what I'd recommend:

  • If he's using a Mac to edit at home, it's going to be easiest to also use a Mac at the office. Two reasons: first, the pace of his work matters and learning how to work fast with two operating systems isn't easy. Second, you eliminate any file inconsistencies between these two different OS's.

  • Regarding storage, an SSD is going to be fast, no doubt. That said, I do almost all of my storage on G Drive. This way I can access any footage, at any time, from any of my devices. G Drive has an application that works (near) flawlessly between my iMac, Macbook, and iPhone.

    As far as how that works, my devices are set up to automatically sync certain folders (a G Drive setting) so everything is consistently downloaded or uploaded in the background as I do my work.
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