What is one thing you've done to get your sales folks more invested into TAYA?

Posted November 12, 2020 in
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I've heard A LOT of clever buy-in tactics from leaders trying to "earn" their sales teams' attention.

What is ONE THING you've done that successfully earned more sales team buy-in?
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Will Schultz
I'll start with a couple of tactics I've heard teams using with success (knowing every team is different):

New-Content Watch Parties, where all the sales team reads/watches a new piece of sales enablement content with the content creators to discuss how they improve the content, how they could use it, and who they could send it to TODAY. This shows the sales team (especially teams that don't yet play a role in making the content) that the piece is made specifically for them. cc Keven Ellison

They Ask, You Answer Book Club, having a reading assignment and a 30-minute discussion each week to talk through what ideas they have to improve their sales processes with content. cc Greg DeVore  

Who else has another clever story or plan for gaining more sales momentum from TAYA?

Keven Ellison
Ask, listen, and then build content that they actually see the value of so that they adopt using it. Include them in the entire creative process so they take ownership of the content as if it was their own.

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