What Equipment Should I Buy for our new Videographer?

Posted March 24, 2022 in
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Darran Smith

Soft Wash Systems Training Instructor

We are employing a new videographer. Our last one was awesome and had all his own equipment. The new guy doesn't really have much because he is newly qualified. So we are looking to buy in the right kind of kit to get some awesome TAYA videos made
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Connor DeLaney
Darran Smith great question! We have another thread that's been talking about this recently, here's a link to that convo where Alex Winter and a couple others have tossed in some tips!
Darran Smith
You guys Rock! Thank you
Lindsey Auten
Darran Smith Check out this page for ideas, it has a variety of kits for various budgets: https://kit.co/zbasner I also wrote this article that outlines the must-haves when it comes to video equipment: https://www.impactplus.com/blog/the-best-equipment-for-businesses-getting-started-with-video
Lindsey Auten
Also, don't hesitate to ask your videographer for their opinion. Videographers all have their own preferences on what they like to shoot and edit on :) 
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