What email do I send our newsletter from?

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Hello, Sisters and Brothers of Impact.

Can I have some opinions here, please?

We're a new 'start up' Velvet Platform and of course, we're going to start an email newsletter - that is all sorted.

I am the COO and 'champion and voice of the company.'

My idea was the weekly email newsletter would come from an email with my name eg bernie@companyname or bjm@compnayname.

Not for my ego, but to get a personal connection with people.

I've been emailing people non-stop for over a decade on email newsletters and unless I'm doing it for someone else I always my name in the email address. 

The process 

The email newsletter will get sent from HubSpot and then I'd be able to ask people to hit reply. 


Today our VERY COOL tech team INSISTED the email newsletter would have to come from support@companyname and that does not work technically or 'brand wise' to have a company newsletter coming from a personal email. 

What do you folks think?

I've got hundreds of examples from years of marketing where person@comopanyname emails you and I find it way more personal than 'something@companyname'.

In my head this is a big deal - but am I having a little tantrum and need to stick with support@companyname?

Thanks, Bernie!

p.s. the picture has nothing to do with this post - but can you guess what book it is from?
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Connor DeLaney
Hey Bernie Mitchell ! I have a couple thoughts that come to mind:

  1.  Since you're using HubSpot, you can use your personal address as the From address then have the reply address be support@ so everything comes back there. 
  2. With the goal being to make sure you're the champion and voice of the company, the most important thing to me is making sure the From name is you so they begin to recognize who it's from and associate it (similar to me and event emails here at IMPACT). 
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Bernie Mitchell
After a lot of back and forth we went for:

from email - velvet@velvetplatform.com

people can reply to this email and the replies go to me and Marta who is the head of support. 

We'll sign the email Marta and Bernie - so it becomes the Marta and Bernie show ;-) 

This works, I don't want it to be 'all about me' and it gives Marta a strong voice for support too. 
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