What does being at your best look like?

Posted December 2, 2022 in
What does being at your best look like? Well for me it's making sure I get to the gym most days of the week. Let me explain why: I've been doing CrossFit for almost 10 years now. I used to coach classes. I even met my husband at a CrossFit gym. If I'm not in the gym, we have a problem; it has a huge impact on how I show up everywhere else in life. So I prioritize fitness because it makes me an all-around better person. It truly is non-negotiable.

What is your non-negotiable? 
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Karisa Hamdi
Fitness is a big one for me! Going for a run at the end of the day allows me to clear my mind and transition into my personal life. It's something I need to figure out how to re-prioritize now that I'm back at work. 
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Jake Jordan
I have 3 non-negotiables to stay at my best. (And a whole lot more things that I try to keep improving)

1. Great sleep - get restored so I can start ready
2. Prayer/meditation - clear my mind and prepare my spirit
3. The gym - stress my body so it can respond to life's stress

If you wanted to dive deep into all sorts of protocols for life, this is a great place to rabbit hole:
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Kristie Crenshaw
Kristie Crenshaw
1. Sleep. Anything that affects my sleep quality is enemy #1
2. Nature. Long or shorts walks help me clear my mind and get a fresh perspective. I am overdue for my walks and it's showing up in my stress level. 
3. Journaling/Prayer. When I don't start my days this way, it shows. 
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Melanie Moore
I also agree with fitness! I do 30 minutes of some form of exercise in the morning to start my day. It gets my mind in the right head space and my body moving. 
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Chris Rivers
My daily/weekly non-negotiables are: 
1. Morning walks & Exercise - allows me to get moving and spend time organizing my thoughts & aligning my spirit/heart with the best plan for the day. 
2. Reading & studying - a sharp, well-informed and focused mind is likely my most valuable tool. 
3. Laughing/talking with my wife & kids - it’s amazing how a home filled with joy gives life meaning & purpose. 

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