What are some courses you’d like to see more of 🤔

Posted March 3, 2023 in
It’s incredibly important to us here at IMPACT to continue to educate you all on They Ask, You Answer, but it’s not about what WE think you want/need.

It’s about what YOU all actually want/need.

So let’s take a vote here - What course topics would you like to see more of?

Hit the reaction button with the course content you’d like to see more of: 
  • ❤️ - Assignment Selling
  • 👍 - Written Content
  • 😮 - Video Content
  • 🤔 - Website
  • 🥳 - HubSpot

If you have a moment drop a comment below and let us know your thoughts on exactly what you’re looking to gain out of the course. And if there is a subject you don’t see here - please share those thoughts too!

Looking forward to seeing your votes and comments below ↓
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Nick Burrage
Connor DeLaney  I'm not feeling a shortage in any area but personally always want more on assignment selling - it's so powerful and can be done early in the engagement with client so is a very big thing for me.

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