What Are Best Practices to Go From Zero to Hero With Your Company Online Reviews

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Larry Kagan

WANTED: More Qualified Leads

I know I need online reviews for our prospects to feel comfortable selecting us as their service provider. We currently are doing nothing and have zero reviews. We are launching a HubSpot website based on TAYA, so where do I start building online reviews? What platforms do I use? What process do I use? Does industry matter or if you are B2B or B2C matter? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Connor DeLaney
Hey  Larry Kagan ! Awesome question. I actually created a course here in IMPACT+ called Managing your online reputation and reviews in today's marketplace that could be a great starting point as you look to build up an inventory or online reviews for your company.

In that course, I also include a tool called the Active Online Management Playbook that includes a number of sites to look into. 

Hope this helps! 
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Kevin Phillips
Larry, you're a local business owner, right? If that's the case, I'd focus on getting Google My Business reviews. These are the reviews your prospects are most likely to see when they pull up your Google My Business listing page.
On the homepage of GMB, there's a box that says "Get More Reviews" clicking here will give you a link you can share with clients who've had a great experience.
A consumer trend review  found that 68% of people will leave a review if you just ask. 
Send them the link along with an explanation of why their input is valuable to you and to future prospects.
Ask them to be specific in their feedback, not just "Larry was great."
Bonus points if you include a video in your email asking for the review.

What's cool about getting these reviews for Google My Business is that not only will prospects see the reviews and learn more about you, but Google uses the reviews to help your business rank for local queries. 
The number of reviews, the higher star ratings, and even the text of the reviews help Google learn more about your business and the value you bring to your customers.

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