WFH marketers are more productive, more burned out, and looking to move to cheaper locations. [NEWS]

Posted July 10, 2020 in
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John Becker

Revenue and Features Editor at IMPACT

A very interesting post in Search Engine Land about productivity, location, and the long shadow COVID-19 will have on marketing. 

About productivity:

"Removing the boundaries around work – such as morning and afternoon commutes – allows employees to work more efficiently, and just plain work more. Indeed, during the pandemic many workers report working more hours than before it began. That has led many to feel stressed, fatigued and even burned out."

About moving from urban centers:

"A related Fishbowl survey, of 18,000 workers across companies, found that WFH was motivating a substantial number of them to move or consider moving from high-cost urban centers to lower-rent locations. Just over 43% of survey respondents in the top 50 markets expressed a desire to move to a less expensive city and 6.4% said they had already moved."

Do you agree?

Anyone thinking of moving now that your company has adopted WFH?
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Connor DeLaney
Definitely agree with this John Becker . Losing that commute to and from work makes shutting off more difficult. While I do find myself being more efficient sometimes, I also find myself feeling more fatigued at the end of the week and burning out a bit more regularly (yes I work a lot). It's been a difficult balance and it seems like there is not a perfect solution. 

I haven't heard anything about the desire to move. That report you shared was very interesting and might connect with some of my friends taking that exact action to move to more affordable locations!
John Becker
Connor DeLaney  Supposedly Apple is now allowing any employees to work from home, but it will prorate employee pay based on where they live. So, if you're making a killing because Silicon Valley is so expensive and decide to move to Waco, Texas to live on the cheap, you can expect a big salary cut. 
Connor DeLaney
John Becker  wow! Given the size of a company like Apple, I wonder if others will follow in that trend. I'd also love to see a map of where all their employees live now vs a year from now and see if there are any big changes. 

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