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Posted April 6, 2020 in

Bob Ruffolo

CEO of IMPACT, student of marketing, sales, leadership and people, avid reader, needs to pick better sports teams.

The time has come. This has been a year in the making and we are very proud to bring you IMPACT+, the #1 transformational, self-guided learning destination for digital sales, marketing, and leadership teams. Make no mistake about it, IMPACT+ is our future.

We already have a ton of content, courses, features, and functionality for you to dive into right now, but we also plan to add much, much more in the coming weeks and months, so you can achieve your most aggressive digital sales and marketing goals, and embrace They Ask You Answer within inside your organization.

Please enjoy IMPACT+ and let us know how we can continue to make it better for you.
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Yap Lyn
All the best to Impact and let me wish all the best.  I see great potential and success in Impact + and this is the first time I discover your company. Thanks. Lyn
Jason Diller
Cheers Bob and team! Great to see this! Super impressive! 📈
Bob Ruffolo
Jason Diller  What's up buddy!

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