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Hello!  I have a client who would like to create the following online assessments (via Typeform)

*A Recommender Assessment -  "What (Product) Is the Best Fit For My Needs?" - user answers a series of questions and a product is recommended based on users current situation

*Price Estimator - user answers questions and the output is a price range for this particular product or service

The client would like to "combine" these assessments into one:  whereas the user gets a recommendation then it immediately leads into the price estimator.  I'd like to see if anyone has had success with this approach, or is it better to have them separate?  
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Connor DeLaney
Oooo this is an interesting challenge to build, but I'm sure it's possible in Typeform. I'll speak for our quiz functionality in IMPACT+, you can build a lot of branches out and provide different answers depending on set criteria, just might get complicated with how many variations need to be built for a combined quiz. Joe Rinaldi perhaps you can help Dave with understanding Typeform even further, or know someone who can help?

Do you think it'd be helpful for your client to explore building one and see the usage before diving into building both or a combined one Dave Wieser ? Perhaps a proof of concept?
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Dave Wieser
Thanks, Connor.  We are going to test the "Price Only" estimator in another market and see how it goes to start.  I can build the basics in Typeform to at least get us started and will let you know what results we are seeing.
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Connor DeLaney
Sounds like a plan Dave Wieser ! Looking forward to hearing back :) Also, want to tag in  Renee Hernandez  who helped build some pretty awesome stuff with our quiz functionality in IMPACT+. 
Renee Hernandez
That sounds like a fun challenge, Dave Wieser ! Keep us posted on how that goes as you build it out. 

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