Website Optimization Summit is less than 1 week away! Are you excited yet?

Posted March 17, 2021 in
Website Optimization Summit Website Optimization Summit

Connor DeLaney

"If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original."

We are T-minus 6 days away from the Website Optimization Summit.

Who are you most excited to see speak at the event? 

Are you planning on joining us for some awesome networking lounges between sessions? 

Who is bringing snacks?? 

These are the questions we can't wait to hear from you about (at least the first 2 haha)!

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Adam Stahl
This is where I sheepishly admit that I haven't checked out my agenda yet (but I will before the week is out because it's so important to a participant's success at any virtual event!) but with that said I'm so pumped to finally see Oli present for the first time.

Based on the great experience I had during VSMW, I think I'll have to be checking out those awesome network lounges again.

I've never snacked during a virtual event but since it seems to be such common practice, I guess I'll be digging in this time!
Stephanie Baiocchi
Adam Stahl NEVER SNACKED? Omg I'd die without snacks hahah I highly recommend some chips and salsa :) 

As for the agenda, oh man you'll love it. The opening keynote is the one and only  Liz Moorehead  and we close with Oli. And a whole lot of great stuff in between!
Liz Moorehead
A liz and oli sandwich, I like it! 
Adam Stahl
Stephanie Baiocchi I didn't know it was acceptable (but now it feels silly not to 😅 ).

It's a great looking agenda! I did mine minutes after I posted that admission of guilt. Can't wait for next week!
Stephanie Baiocchi
I am of COURSE bringing snacks! Haha already thinking about making some trail mix?

And I previewed Oli's keynote this weekend and let me tell's FANTASTIC! You're gonna love it.
John Becker
I'll make sure to bring plenty of sunflower seeds for your new pet  Connor DeLaney
Connor DeLaney
John Becker thank you, I'll make sure to bring Bing the Bear along for the ride hahaha

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