Website is 99% Done (just a few more tweaks. Focus on WHY project next.

Posted August 2, 2021 in

Jimmy Beasley

Adversity cause some men to break, others to break records

Dear IMPACT Plus Team,

The Website is 99% done. Once it is completely done. I will put all my time and energy into my WHY project. 

Since I will have to do this alone. I am looking for one person who wouldn't mind helping me refine it. 
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Connor DeLaney
Jimmy Beasley  appreciate the update. Can you share a link to your website in your original post so members can check it out for themselves as well as a bit of what you'd like members to focus on specifically in the refinement of your website? I know you connected with me on it briefly, however, I want to make sure I can tag some members in who can help in specific aspects of your website. 
Jimmy Beasley
Bob Ruffolo Connor DeLaney Stephanie Baiocchi , Here is the website with the second video I did. The timestamp is removed but now there is a fuzzy black bar overlapping where the time stamp was and covering part of the iMPACT shirt.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Jimmy Beasley
Connor DeLaney  , not sure which original post, as I will have to find it. I already implemented those changes except for fixing the broken URL. I don't have access to a sort of pop-form? Can you please clarify on this. Is why I put the lead magnet on the landing magnet. I am not sure what other things to focus on specifically in the refinement of the website. 
Jimmy Beasley
Bob Ruffolo Connor DeLaney Stephanie Baiocchi Liz Moorehead Devon McCarty Steve Hoffer Marc Amigone Kevin Phillips @ Betsy Francoeur @ Tom DiScipio Lindsey Schmidt Elizabeth Johanson , YAH I am so happy, finally , its not a huge step to earning my certification. But I am getting there. I finally ordered (ISC)2 SSCP Systems Security Certified Practitioner Official Study Guide: 9781119542940: Computer Science Books @ and then I ordered 12" Ring Light with 51'' Extendable Tripod Stand & Cellphone Holder for Live Stream/Makeup/YouTube Video, Dimmable LED Beauty Selfie Ringlight for TikTok Photography, Color Temperature 3000K-6000K. Once i pass the exam then I will have earned that digital badge, that will be the best day of my life. All that is left is getting 1 year paid work experience then take the actual exam to make it official and be certified is the final  reward.

I also want to say, I love you all for being so helpful and supportive. You guys are the best.
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Jimmy Beasley
Bob Ruffolo Connor DeLaney Stephanie Baiocchi Liz Moorehead Tom DiScipio Lindsey Schmidt and everyone else from THE iMPACT team. There is only one thing left to add well really two things,but the certification will take time, need to study, buy the voucher and then take the exam. But for right now, all that is left is My WHY statement.

I do have a question in reqards to the formula of the WHY. Someone told me after hearing my stories, that one of my themes is adversity. How can adversity be a contribution? And how would you phrase it in a way to make it a contribution. i hope this makes sense. And would appreciate if I can get some help. 

Really want to know my WHY and get it in my website.