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Posted December 21, 2021 in
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Martin Bredl

Helping companies to run their inbound marketing they alIways dreamt off.

Hi we are searching for a partner to outsource our web design & development (HubSpot CMS). 

Any recommendations?

Thank you

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Marc Amigone
Hi Martin, we've had mixed results trying to outsource projects to other partners. It's tough to certify the quality of anyone else's work. 

You could post something in this group that outlines what you're looking for (what kinds of projects, target budget, how much volume, etc) and I'm sure you'd get some interested parties to reach out to:
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Faisal Hussain
Sir, I am available to outsource for your CMS
John Bendever, Jr.
Martin Bredl  - we have a healthy white-label program...but it has been mainly focused on WordPress designs.  With that said, we are working with two Storybrand Certified guides building on Hubspot CMS for their clients and have started their projects.  Would be open to chatting with you about your needs.
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