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Posted January 8, 2022 in
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Bob Coppedge

Author, Speaker, CEO, Crotchety Old Geek

So, we're taking the TAYA plunge and hiring our first Content Creator (we implemented Story Brand last year and think this will compliment that nicely). We're in the IT field (Managed Service Provider), and I do want to keep the position local (hybrid, but some here). We're located in NE Ohio. Finding someone in the community hear interested in the position would be amazing, but I suspect unlikely.

That said, I would appreciate feedback on hiring for the position. We're pretty good on content development (daily videos on LinkedIn, written 3 books, relatively frequent speaker, etc). And I've got a great if not small Sales and Marketing team.

I've posted the position on Indeed and LinkedIn, and would appreciate any feedback (and if this blind squirrel found a nut, feel free to copy and reuse). We decided not to mention TAYA specifically because we didn't think enough local folks would "get it".

Here's the link on Indeed. Again, feedback appreciated.


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