Nathan Dube

We are monitizing our blog, podcast, and social media to help our clients reach the auidence we have built (70,000 people per quarter)

Looking for others in the manufacturing/industrial B2B space that have already done this. What are your tips and tricks? If you do not have any, don't worry! We will be sharing ours as we go! There are very few players in our industry doing this so we are rather ahead of the curve. We are essentially working to create "the food network of the industrial/manufacturing B2B space".
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Brian Casey
Wanted to provide the example we discussed in case anybody else is looking to monetize their audience.

This is how eLearning Industry thinks about sponsored posts -

The really cool thing from a business standpoint is that this is a completely informational website that generates its own revenue stream. It's built up authority and readership because it's not owned by any company that provides eLearning services (at least publically.) 

But diving deeper you'll learn that the owner of Docebo (an eLearning platform) actually started this website. As a result, he can "feature" articles that he wrote that have backlinks to Docebo, build up the backlink profile of his eLearning platform, and make money off of competitors that want to earn backlinks for their own websites. I've long been in awe of this approach from a marketing and sales standpoint as a way to crush the competition.
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Nathan Dube
  Nick Bennett   Thanks Nick! We plan on offering paid opportunities to our customers to do guest blog posts on topics relevant to our readership and premium paid plans for interviews on the podcast both of which will give our clients the chance to get their content and products in front of a much bigger audience than they currently do. Most of our competitors have outdated websites and virtually no content or modern marketing plans and for those who do, we have a much larger audience than most of them for our content. 
Nick Bennett
Hey  Nathan Dube !

While I haven't done this specifically for the manufacturing/industrial B2B space, I have been down this road before so here is a bit of what I've picked up along the way:

1. Gather all the audience data you possibly can. This info may feel obvious to you but not so much to potential advertisers. Think things like:
  • unique monthly sessions
  • monthly 
  • role
  • seniority
  • geographic location
2. Affiliate programs are your best friend when getting started. Audible is kind of the gold standard for this one as I'm sure you've seen a LOT of podcasts and videos "sponsored" by them. Check out their program here for inspiration.
3. CPM pricing is hard to manage and not worth it unless you are >1 million hits/month. Even at that, still not totally worth it. I'd still suggest sticking with affiliate programs.
4. Have a clear outcome set for what an ad placement will look like. For example, podcasts get a 30-second pre-roll and 60-second mid-roll, links in the show notes. Here is a great list of resources from Midroll on this.

Let me know if you'd like clarification on any of this!

Hope this helps!
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