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Hey Everyone,

I've been getting bombarded with VA agencies lately and took a call with one today. They are called The VA Group. I wonder if anyone has experiences they would like to share about hiring a VA and/or a VA agency? 

Everything the VA Group said sounded great, but this is my first foray into using a VA, and I want to educate myself a bit.

I appreciate any advice you can offer!
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Jennifer Goode
I have used but needed in person support after buying a horse farm. For me, I had the best experiences when their employee felt like an extension of my company. This one person dedicated support to me directly, and to 2-3 other companies. I had the best success around 60 hours a month, but upgraded to as many as 100 at one point. The biggest challenge is, you and the VA don't always have complete control over whether or not they continue to work with you. As you can imagine, VA turnover is no fun.
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Alyssa O'Mara
Thanks Jennifer! The VA group actually assigns someone to you exclusively. 20 hours a week min with the hope they become indispensable and you upgrade to 40 hours. What I like about them is they stressed that they pay above min wage and provide health insurance and retirement.
Jennifer Goode
In that model, I would want some sort of reassurance that, if you are happy, you will retain your same VA when you scale to 40 for at least x months after the change (or something). My point is, if the VA starts by working for two clients, at 20 hours each, one of the two companies working with that VA will lose their VA, if they are happy and upgrade to 40 hrs. You don't want that person to be you : )
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Chris Greene
i basically have created my own va company for our company. i have a va that interviews other va's.
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Clodagh Higgins
Hi Alyssa, how did you get on with The VA Group? 
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