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Friends - we're getting ready to take the plunge and hire and on-staff videographer. For those of you that have one, what advice do you have? What do you know now that you wish you knew when hiring? How many videos is that person producing in a given week? THANK YOU!
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Will Schultz
Great questions, Kaitlyn Pintarich !

First, I recommend hiring this video person based almost entirely on their "soft skills", and I have a couple of pieces for you to check out that will give you clear direction:

When Hiring for a Videographer, Look for 'Soft Skills'
How to Manage an in-house Videographer

Remember, they're not just the videographer of your company, they're the video educator and advocate. That requires A LOT more than just being a wicked fast editor.

The questions you should be asking yourself while hiring:

Will they make the people they'll be spending time with comfortable and excited about video?
Are they dependable and trainable?
Are they going to be able to help the team buy into the purpose for their role?
Are they organized and process-driven?

And for your final question, you should stick to the clear performance metric (put it on the job application) of 2 videos per week to be produced and published during the first 2-3 months, and then 3 videos per week after finding the rhythm. 

That's a case study-esque videographer right there.
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Kaitlyn Pintarich
Thanks so much  Will Schultz  !!
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