User Behavior Data: Whats your tool of choice?

Posted October 23, 2022 in
There are hundreds of tools out there that can give you different user behavior data, and each have a different subset of features like click mapping, scroll mapping, different survey options, and  much more. 
I'm a huge fan of Lucky Orange for a few reasons - the biggest being the "Top 10" feature that immediately highlights, and exports, the most interacted areas of any web page. It's been a big help in expediting user journey improvements.

So I'm curious, what's your tool of choice? How frequently are you reviewing the data? And most importantly, how are you using the data to improve your site?
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Seth Sparks
The element analytics section is by far my favorite part of Lucky Orange. Whenever I notice something unexpected in that report, I like to review some screen recordings to dig deeper into user behavior. 
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Fabrizio Colombi
I agree! 
Fabrizio Colombi
HotJar is pretty good but not as in-depth as LuckyOrange. How does the legacy LuckyOrange compare to the newer version? Would it be worth it for a client to upgrade? 
Dale Pease
Because of this recommendation, I just installed Lucky Orange. We have been using HotJar. So far, I think I like the video playback of visitors better in HotJar, but other than that Lucky Orange seems to have more features (especially in the free version.) We have made several changes to our site based on watching a ton of HotJar videos. In some cases "Killing my darlings." Meaning eliminating things I thought were cool, but seemed to be of little benefit (and even in some cases caused issues with user interaction.) I can't believe I've done web design for 20-some years without tools like this!

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